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Another beautiful shot from the Yiqing Yin show. You can see the amazing textures that this atelier is famous for, as well as all of the hands on deck that enable works like this to come to life.
Of the collection, Yin said “It is the very first time that I presented a full couture collection, which allowed me to break all constraints and rely exclusively on my emotions, and the sole artistic instinct and exploration.”
Via CR Fashionbook.
I absolutely love seeing designers get sculptural, and Yiqing Yin is no stranger to abstractions. (Check out the amazing Swarovski creation below that calls on French farthingales and medieval horned headdresses.) 

Behind the scenes at the designer’s oceanic couture show
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Hi, internet.

Like so many bloggers before me, I’m staking my claim on this little corner of the web to share my (brain)insides with you. I have made several attempts in the past to be a consistent blogger, but the thing is, I don’t really like to write about my life. I don’t care enough to document every detail, and I don’t think any of you care enough to follow it. My most recent attempt at blogging was really just another place to catalogue a tumblr-specific set of selfies (you can check it out here,) and then, of course, a curation tumblr that I will (probably) continue to occasionally update (which you can check out here.)

Who am I?

I’m a 20-something flitting between Pacific Northwest cities while I’m on the verge of graduating from college. I’m a vegetarian, a pisces, a cat person, a boot hoarder, a tattooed person. I grew up on a small island and I have danced my whole life—those two details are fundamental parts of my identity for some reason. I have aspirations of gypsyhood but I love being a part of a community so I am more prone to staying put. 

I am about to graduate with a Bachelors degree in Identity and Adornment from a small interdisciplinary school in the Pacific Northwest. I have the good fortune of attending a small school that is renowned for allowing its students to write and develop their own Bachelors degrees. However there aren’t a ton of people in my academic community that share my interests, and unfortunately it often feels like there are many people that struggle to see the intersection between identity and adornment as something worth academic study. So I’m taking to the web! Hopefully this at least turns into something interesting. 

So what’s different about eyes lips brains?

This new, fresh attempt at maintaining a blog is motivated by my professional ambitions: I’m developing a career as a makeup artist, but my interests and skills are scattered across all disciplines and fields that deal with the human body and beauty aesthetics. 

I was inspired to re-vamp my blogging aspirations by two of my best friends who have been maintaining a pretty sweet little fitblr, Photosynthesis206. Those girls are some of the most motivated and nutritionally minded people I know, and that’s what they blog about. So while I was floundering trying to write about my job as a studio assistant or whatever I was writing about, they were writing about their passions. So that is what I’m gonna take a shot at—bear with me.

So what am I passionate about? The human body, in all of it’s variations and expressions. I’m fascinated by the way we crafty humans use our bodies to communicate things, particularly aspects of our identities. I’m talking gender identity, sexuality, religious and cultural affiliations, and economics just to scratch the surface. I’m particularly interested in the purposeful ways the body is used in performance. And oh, man… performance. I’m not gonna go all Judith Butler on you guys right now, but I will. Soon. 

This blog will be an aesthetic feast, a trove of ideas, a sounding board for my thoughts and aspirations, and if I’m being REALLY ambitious, a way to connect with other people who are as fascinated with the human body and all of its adornments as I am. 

What do you want to see from eyes lips brains?